Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow...

Born in Zambia and brought up in Zimbabwe, I've spent most of my life in the lap of Africa surrounded by it's beauty. The flora and fauna have always been a subject of personal interest and inspiration but wildlife in particular has formed the bulk of my earlier works and continues to inspire me even now. 

My undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from Boston University has played a crucial role in the development of my personal style. This exposure to the formal and varied artistic techniques allowed me to explore my interest in wildlife from several perspectives - it was through this process of learning that I developed an affinity for Ďabstractioní. 

My personal journey along this path of inner discovery has taken me from producing purely representational work, through exploring aspects of abstract and obscure art, to a point where I am blending these various forms to produce works that currently tend towards surrealism. The irrational juxtaposition of images that are real fulfills my inclination towards detail whilst allowing me the freedom to play with ideas Iím exploring at the time. Experimenting with bright colors, different perspectives and a growing interest in using different methods in the application of paint has changed my approach towards painting.  

The development of ones personal style is an ever-changing, evolving process - one that forces the artist to explore several aspects of his or her own nature. Through this process, hopefully, I will find that in myself which I am most comfortable with. 

I am curious as to where my evolving style will lead' me - it is an emergent reality that will manifest itself in itís own time. What I can be sure of is this journey will be exciting, challenging and prolific. If this process yields work that can resonate with a larger audience and touch others I will consider myself fortunate.